Monarch has joind forces with Bob Arndt, of Mr Winky fame to form The new Mr Winky
We have saved our best songs and added some great new ones. Come check us out

Bob Arndt (vocals) Bob is Mr Winky, and has been associated with many music projects all over the twin cities. Seems like every where you go there Bob is up on stage doing every imaginable kind of rock and roll. Check out Mr Winky on facebook to see where bob will be appearing next.
Kent Pierce (drums): Kent is the manager and booking agent for the Monarch. He has been in MONARCH since 1987.
John Richardson (guitar): John has played in some of the top bands in the area, such as CROW, and DICK TRACEY. John has been in MONARCH since 1995. Besides doing all the guitar work, he mixes all of the sound on stage.
Mark H. (bass) Mark has also played in some of the top bands in the area such as LEGACY. Mark has been in MONARCH since 2001.
Mike Halgrimson (keyboards): Mike comes from the Princeton area, where he has played for over 30 years in every type of music you can think of (that's right even an Elvis show). Besides the normal piano, and organ, You will hear Horns, Saxophone, Strings, synthesizer, even guitar (if John doesn't catch him) coming from his keyboards. He will also pull out the harmonica for a few songs. Mike has been in MONARCH since 2004.

8        Benefit for Rob Wills
          Osseo Legion
          5:30 to 7:30

21      the Schooner
           9:00 to 1:00

26      Crystal VFW
           8:30 to 12:30

12     Private Party
          8:00 to 12:00

Welcome to Mr Winky's website, where you will be able to find bio's  pictures, and the all important BAND SCHEDULE  (see below)
Call or e-mail for updates, as some venu locations and dates sometimes change, please refer to our website the day of the performance
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Cold as Ice
Mike Halgrimson
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